Baby Soothe Appease Towel

New born cute baby soothing towel made of cotton. This cute and soft little plush can be your baby's perfect companion

1、PP Cotton: High-elastic PP cotton inner core, moderate size, washable without deformation, light and soft, fluffy and high-elastic, easy to grasp, it can be bitten and played freely. It will always accompany your baby.

2、Crystal Velvet Fabric: Evenly covered with fine and short fleece, the texture is not exposed, and it is as soft as a cloud. The baby will love this comfortable feel and forget to cry.

3、Delicate Embroidery: Every stitch and every thread contain our careful care for the baby, cute doll with interesting shape can soothe the baby’s emotions and be a good friend of the baby.

4、No Fluorescent Agent: No shed hair, no fluorescent agent. Fine and dense section of hair, not easy to fall off, using environmentally active printing and dyeing technology, the water system does not fade, after testing with a fluorescent pen, it shows that there is no fluorescent agent.

5、Cute and Interesting Shape: It can soothe baby’s emotions, and be a good friend of the baby. Every detail is carefully designed for the baby, so that the baby can grow up healthy and happy.


Material: crystal super soft velvet

Filling: PP cotton filled with cotton